XS4 2.0 Mini

Add a modern, sleek aesthetic to any door and setting with SALTO’s latest escutcheon that combines smart and attractive design with the latest electronics. Plus, thanks to its ground-breaking design, the XS4 2.0 Mini’s no-drill install is fast and easy on labour, while also maintaining doors’ fire certifications. It’s also great for retrofits across a wide range of markets and conditions, and is available in black or white covers, plus with a variety of handle shapes and finishes. 

XS4 2.0 Mini DIN (Side Profile)

XS4 2.0 Mini DIN (Side Profile)

DIN Model: Compatible with DIN requirements of DIN 18251 standard doors prepared for DIN 18250 standard mortise locks, and is compatible with the DIN 18251 standard fixing instructions.

Australian Model: The Mini Australian is compatible with Australian mortise locks that use split spindles systems.

Tubular Latch (non-ANSI) Model: Ideal way to convert a basic, interior door with a tubular latch into an attractive, electronically controlled door. Works in combination with SALTO tubular latch model.

XS4 2.0 Mini Australian Model

XS4 2.0 Mini Australian Model (Inside)








XS4 2.0 Mini Tubular Latch (non-ANSI) Model

XS4 2.0 Mini Tubular Latch (non-ANSI) Model (Inside)